What Do You Know About the Side Fingerprint Unlock

2024-03-12 17:03:18

The side fingerprint unlocks the phone's function in the phone circle. This method of unlocking has many benefits, chief among which is security. The way to unlock the phone with a side fingerprint is not only safer, but also more convenient. Compared with the traditional way to unlock the phone, the side fingerprint unlock the phone is simpler and faster. In this blog post, we're going to talk about the advantages of side fingerprints on your phone


The Principle of Fingerprints on the Side of Your Phone


The side fingerprint mainly makes use of capacitive fingerprint unlocking, which is a technology that identifies fingerprints by measuring capacitance changes in fingerprint dents and fingerprint patterns. The technology uses an array of tiny capacitor circuits to collect data. Since capacitors can store electrical charges, connecting them to a conductor plate on the surface of the fingerprint unlock button can be used to obtain fingerprint details. When the finger is placed on the unlock button, due to the electrical conductivity of the human body, the charge stored in the fingerprint bump will be slightly changed to unlock the phone.

The Advantages of Fingerprints on the Side of Your Phone

Protect User Privacy

The side fingerprint unlock can better protect the user's privacy. The traditional way to unlock a phone is to use a password or a pattern to unlock it, which is easy for outsiders to crack. The side fingerprint unlock is to use the user's unique fingerprint as a way to unlock, which greatly increases the security of the phone.


Save Cost and Space

On the one hand, the introduction of screen fingerprints will affect the workflow of the entire production chain, which will increase the cost of mobile phone manufacturing, and on the other hand, it is necessary to free up more space for other components inside the phone.



The side unlock does not need to find the specified position, conforms to the normal posture of holding the phone, and can be unlocked with a tap when unlocking the lock screen. When you are outside, you can unlock the lock screen, and the speed of unlocking is relatively fast.



The side fingerprint has a high degree of integration, which can be an AI button, a power button, or a fingerprint recognition button, with multiple functions and rich functions, while the fingerprint function under the screen is relatively single, only the fingerprint unlock function.


Comparative Advantage

Side fingerprint recognition has many advantages over fingerprint recognition at the bottom of the screen. The side fingerprint recognition will not affect the user's normal experience of using the device. In contrast, the fingerprint recognition at the bottom of the screen will affect the user's browsing of the screen content. In addition, the scanning area of the side fingerprint recognition is usually larger than the fingerprint recognition area at the bottom of the screen. This means that side fingerprint recognition can read the user's fingerprint more accurately. So, in all aspects, the side fingerprint is better than the fingerprint under the screen.


The Recommendation of Side Fingerprint Phone

As a mobile phone with a side fingerprint, HONOR X6a has passed 200,000 power button test and 200,000 fingerprint button tests, ensuring the reliability and pass rate of side fingerprint, which can better serve the unlock function of mobile phone and increase the security of mobile phone.



In general, the reliability of the side fingerprint is at an excellent level, and the portability also makes good use of the motion of the person holding the phone to unlock the fingerprint, which is a more advantageous point compared to other fingerprints. If you feel that the side fingerprint unlock is more reliable, you can purchase a new fingerprint unlock phone according to your own needs.